Unearth: The Hero Within


  • Tired of your answer to the question "What do you do?"

  • Challenged to access your passion when telling others about yourself?

  • Know you have a brilliant story inside of you waiting to be authentically expressed?

This experience might be perfect for you.

Scroll down to see everything included and the course curriculum.

A 7-week storytelling journey (virtually, of course) where you will work on your own and in group experiences to:

  • Uncover how you've been destined to impact the world so you can connect those dots for others

  • Follow a proven method that invites profound trust between you and those you serve

  • Hit the "refresh button" on how you are approaching sharing who you are with the world

  • Connect with other like-minded thought leaders, business professionals, and change agents

What’s included?

  • 15 Guided Videos

    Original content from Corey Blake, founder of the Round Table Storytelling Academy, guiding you every step of the way.

  • 22 Readings

    Original content from Round Table's editorial team, developed to invite you deeply into a world of storytelling where brilliance is the bar.

  • 24 Film Clips and TED Talks

    Storytelling examples that bring the lessons to life and inspire you to reach further and dig deeper so you impress yourself.

  • 8 Group Experiences

    Zoom get-togethers that establish community, deepen psychological safety, and build lasting relationships.

  • 12 Journaling Lessons

    Prompts to guide you through the process of excavating the defining moments of your life.

  • More than 70 Other Lessons

    Audio lessons, story examples, quizzes, surveys, and step-by-step guidance to support the building of your story.

  • Bonus Content from an Award Winner

    Videos & journaling examples from your instructor, an award-winning storyteller in writing and photography, Genevieve Georget.

  • 365 Days of Access

    After you commence from this 7-weeks, return to the lessons and recordings (available to this class only) as needed for ongoing support.

Who is this course for?

  • Company founders, executives, and coaches who believe in storytelling and desire to create gravitational pull, influence behavior change, and amplify impact

  • Storytellers, speakers, artists, writers, and film makers who are eager to use their own story as the basis of a thought leadership platform

  • Change agents who recognize the power of vulnerability and its ability to serve as a beacon that makes you visible to those intended to play in your sandbox with you

Who is this course NOT for?

  • Those not interested in storytelling as a vehicle for transformation and growth will not like this course experience!

  • While you do NOT have to be a professional writer, artist, or storyteller, if you are unwilling to “play” you best stay away

  • If the idea of being vulnerable makes you want to run screaming, please save yourself from all the undue suffering

What’s the investment?

$745 USD or 3 x $298 USD
$654 USD or 3 x $268 USD until April 25—or all spots are filled

Limited seats are available for this intimate class. As you consider making this investment in yourself, consider that this course is a guaranteed transformational experience—not a transactional one. If you've wanted to write a book for some time, ask yourself, what is the cost of another year gone by without significant progress?  

Who is teaching this class?

Community Director

Genevieve Georget

Genevieve Georget is the community director for Round Table Storytelling Academy and has led and facilitated a dozen classes for the academy. She is the published author of Her Own Wild Winds (2016) and Solace: A Journal of Human Experience (2019), which was awarded 2020 Book of the Year for the Ottawa Faces Magazine awards. Gen’s writing and photography have been featured in publications such as The Good Mother Project, Oprah.com, Simplify Magazine, Her View from Home, and The Good Men Project. She is also the coauthor of Gathering around the Table with EarthKind CEO Kari Warberg Block. Gen has a bachelor of arts (BA) focusing on marketing and communications from the University of Ottawa / Université d'Ottawa.

Group Experience Zoom Schedule

Other than the 60-minute kickoff meeting, all group experiences are 90 minutes in length. Participants should plan to attend at least two of the five presentation experiences. All group experiences are recorded and made available to this class only.
Class Call Schedule

Course Preview

  1. 2
    • Attend Kick-Off Call (May 3, 2022)

    • Recording: Cary Class Kick-Off Call

    • Read: Welcome: The Power of Story to Transform

    • Review: Assignments

    • Watch: Storytelling Transforms the Storyteller

    • Watch: The Magical Science of Storytelling

    • View: The Neuroscience of Storytelling (Optional)

    • Test Your Learning: The Magic and Science of Storytelling (Optional)

    • Watch: What Makes a Hero?

    • Read: A Note on the Hero’s Journey and Gender-Inclusive Language (Optional)

    • Watch: The Hero’s Journey Crash Course (Optional)

    • Test Your Learning: The Hero’s Journey (Optional)

    • Read: A Note on Journaling

    • Read: A Note on Transformation and the Hero’s Journey

    • Read: First, We Make the Story Our Own (Optional)

    • Watch: The Art of Kintsugi: The Beauty of Our Brokenness (Optional)

    • Write: Kintsugi Journaling Assignment (Optional)

    • Watch: Challenge on Presence (Optional)

    • Bonus Lesson: Robin's Story

    • Attend: Meet Your Class (May 10, 2022)

    • Recording: Cary Class Vulnerability is Sexy

  2. 3
  3. 4
    • Watch: The Hero’s Journey: Part 2

    • Review: Assignments

    • Quick Reminder

    • Survey: How are You Feeling? (Optional)

    • Read: The Road of Trials

    • Watch: Let Me Tell It to You as Clean as I Can

    • Watch: Discouraged, Rudy Pushes On (Optional)

    • Watch: Time to Inherit the Earth (Optional)

    • Review: Gen’s Road of Trials Journal (Optional)

    • Write: The Road of Trials Journaling Assignment

    • Read: The Ordeal

    • Watch: I Quit

    • Watch: You Deliberately Deceived Me

    • Review: Gen’s Ordeal Journal (Optional)

    • Write: The Ordeal Journaling Assignment

    • Review: Gen’s Expanded Ordeal Journal (Optional)

    • Write: Your Expanded Ordeal Journaling Assignment (Optional)

    • Test Your Learning: The Road of Trials and the Ordeal (Optional)

    • Read: The Reward

    • Watch: That Was for You

    • Watch: Robin Shall Restore Amends (Optional)

    • Review: Gen’s Reward Journal (Optional)

    • Write: The Reward Journaling Assignment

    • Read: The Return

    • Watch: Who’s the Wild Man Now?

    • Review: Gen’s Return Journal (Optional)

    • Write: The Return Journaling Assignment

    • Test Your Learning: The Reward and the Return (Optional)

    • Attend: Live Question/Answer Session (May 24, 2022)

    • Recording: Cary Class Question + Answer Call

    • Survey: Coursework Time Estimate

    • Bonus: Sasja's Story

  4. 5
    • Watch: Welcome to Assembling Your Story

    • Review: Assignments

    • Read: Two Quick Reminders

    • Read: Superpowers

    • Watch: Step 1: Who, What, and What’s in the Way?

    • Write: Step 1: Who, What, and What’s in the Way

    • Watch: Step 2: Your Logline

    • Write: Step 2: Your Logline

    • Watch: Step 3: Return to Your Ordinary World

    • Write: Step 3: Create Your Buckets

    • Assemble: Step 3: Your Ordinary World

    • Watch: Continue Down the Path

    • Assemble: Step 4: The Next Stages

    • Assemble: Step 4: The Final Stages

    • Survey: Coursework Time Estimate

  5. 6
    • Review: Assignments

    • Watch: Step 5: Cleanup

    • Edit: Step 5: Cleanup

    • Watch: Step 6: Gut Check

    • Reflect: Step 6: Gut Check

    • Read: A Note on Truth

    • Share: Your Logline

    • Watch: Gen Shares Her Thoughts on Revisions (Optional)

    • Watch: Language and Theme

    • Edit: Revising Your Hero’s Journey: Language and Theme

    • Watch: Feelings

    • Edit: Revising Your Hero’s Journey: Feelings

    • Watch: Thoughts (Optional)

    • Edit: Revising Your Hero’s Journey: Thoughts (Optional)

    • Read: Challenge: Own Your Heroic Nature

    • Attend: Preparing Your Presentation Workshop (June 7, 2022)

    • Recording: Chapter 5 Workshop Call

    • Survey: Coursework Time Estimate

  6. 7
    • Watch: Welcome to Presenting Your Story

    • Review: Assignments

    • Read: A Self-Care Checklist (Optional)

    • Watch: The Hero with a Thousand Faces

    • Watch: Gen Shares Her Story (Optional)

    • Record: Speaking Out Loud Your Hero’s Journey (Optional)

    • Watch: Everyone Is the Hero in Their Own Story

    • Watch: Gen Shares Her Thoughts on Presenting (Optional)

    • Revise: Finalize Your Presentation

    • Read: A Note on Stories That Trigger Intense Emotions

    • Attend: Hero’s Journey Presentation Call 1 (June 10, 2022)

    • Recording: Cary Class Presentation Call #1 (Alesia)

    • Attend: Hero’s Journey Presentation Call 2 (June 13, 2022)

    • Attend: Hero’s Journey Presentation Call 3 (June 14, 2022)

    • Recording: Cary Class Presentation Call #3 (Saundra & Deb)

    • Attend: Hero’s Journey Presentation Call 4 (June 15, 2022)

    • Attend: Hero’s Journey Presentation Call 5 (June 16, 2022)

    • Recording: Cary Class Presentation Call #5 (Ale & Annette)

    • Read: Challenge: After the Ordeal

  7. 8
    • Watch: Welcome to the Other Side of the Ordeal

    • Review: Assignments

    • Read: Identifying Your Superpowers and Your Kryptonite

    • Watch: Sometimes We Attempt to Rid Ourselves of Our Gift

    • Write: Owning My Gifts and Shadows

    • Test Your Learning: Superpowers and Kryptonite

    • Watch: Our Special Worlds

    • Read: Your Return and Easing Your Re-Entry

    • Watch: Gen Shares Her Thoughts on the Most Loving Act (Optional)

    • Read: After Telling Your Story

    • Read: The Five Stages of Dharma Discovery (Optional)

    • Watch: After One Hero’s Journey Ends . . .

    • Write: Your Next Adventure

    • Consider: Take a Leap (Optional)

    • Watch: Congratulations, Hero!

    • Survey: Now, at the End . . .

    • Survey: About Your Story

    • One Last Request

    • Attend: Commencement (June 21, 2022)

    • Recording: Commencement