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RTC Storytelling Courses

Tell your story, find your superpowers, be your hero.

Be Your Own Hero

  • Story

    Complete this course with a powerful seven- to ten-minute story that captures your journey to becoming the brilliant and beautiful human you are today.

  • Transformation

    Become a beacon for all that life has to offer by capturing and sharing a story that makes you visible to those meant to conspire in your favor.

  • Grace

    Learn to extend more grace outward into the world by allowing our community to support you in extending more grace inward, toward yourself.

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    • Watch: Welcome to the Course

    • Watch: How to Use This Course

    • Read: About Your Instructors

    • Survey: Before We Begin . . .

    • Watch: Psychological Safety

    • Watch: Presence

    • Read: The First Agreement: Presence

    • Sign: The First Agreement: A Request for Presence

    • Watch: Suspending Judgment

    • Read: The Third Agreement: No Fixing or Solving

    • Print: The Three Agreements

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    • Watch: Preparing for the Journey

    • Read: Tips on Creating a Supportive Environment for Storytelling

    • Listen: Prepare to Be Amazed

    • Read: Opening Letter about Vulnerability

    • Watch: Vulnerability is Sexy Film

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    • Read: A Note on Journaling

    • Watch: Gen Shares Her Thoughts on Journaling

  4. 4
    • Watch: Gen Shares Her Thoughts on Revisions

  5. 5
    • Watch: Gen Shares Her Thoughts on Presenting

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    • Watch: Gen Shares Her Thoughts on the Most Loving Act

Note: Course curriculum is subject to change as we are constantly working to improve and enhance our class experiences.

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God Is in the Details

Vulnerability is hard. But it's also memorable.

A great story takes the audience on a journey. It has a clear beginning, middle, and end. The “before” version of you was met with a challenge that forced you to learn, grow, and ultimately do something differently (the beginning). You made a decision you never would have made before (the middle). Sometimes you succeeded. Other times you failed. Either way, you walked away with a lesson. You survived a challenge and emerged as a more powerful version of yourself (the end).

Your task is to unpack some of these moments — something few of us have taken the time to do — and practice relaying them in a compelling and authentic way.

As the saying goes, “God is in the details.” When you share your story with others, you’re trusting your audience with a handful of unique details about your life and identity in a way that  displays the fullness of your character. 

Vulnerable authenticity tells your audience that you're not trying to pretend everything is always awesome (a false reality and untruthful in the long run). And that means that anybody who decides to interact with you after hearing your story, won’t have to show up as one-dimensional, either. Suddenly, your audience can relax because they are talking to a human being and not the caricature of one. A successful story is a memorable one. Vulnerability is memorable.

*adapted from the Harvard Business Review article, The Best Candidates are the Best Storytellers, by writing of  RTC Story Coach, Kelsey Schurer


  • How do I know if this course is right for me?

    If you are someone who is looking to make yourself visible to the greatest career opportunities, the ideal soulmate, or the destiny you have yet to realize, the RTC storytelling course will guide you through a process of learning to tell your story in a way that others will fall deeply in love with what you stand for—or get out of your way.

  • What if I'm concerned that my story isn't worth sharing?

    I promise you that in my two decades of helping others to tell their stories, I have yet to meet a single person whose story wasn't brilliant and beautiful. Your story is waiting to be uncovered in a way that will allow you to see yourself anew, to feel more whole, and to become more powerful in your life.

  • Is this a virtual or in-person course?

    It is entirely virtual, though you will find that our Zoom calls are intimate and replenishing—not draining as some can be!

  • How much time should I expect to spend on the course each week?

    Our participants average between three and five hours each week for the course work and group calls combined.

  • If I want to move faster, will the platform allow me to do so?

    The course is set up so that the entire class progresses together and nobody can move too far ahead. We find that shared epiphanies are often longer lasting and more deeply experienced. As each chapter of content is released, you can move through that chapter content as slowly or quickly as you would like, as long as you complete the work before the next group session.

  • What are live group discussions? Are they mandatory to attend?

    Live group discussions are a chance for you and your peers to come together in real time, to practice vulnerability, to share versions of your story you haven’t shared before, and to deeply listen to one another as beautifully flawed and victorious human beings. These experiences are facilitated by your instructor, who will lovingly guide you and your peers to see one another—and yourself—in a new light. This is why we encourage you to attend every live group discussion. Heroes aren’t born into this world—heroes are made; in part, by the circumstances of life that challenge and refine us, but also by the impact others impress upon our hearts. It is important that during the live group discussion, you respect and honor each person present, with the expectation that any one of us can forever change the way we view ourselves—in a more positive, truthful, loving, and awe-inspiring way.

  • When sharing my story, how do I determine which of the more vulnerable parts of my life are okay to share with others?

    The course invites vulnerability into how you express yourself, both in your identity as a hero and in the choices you make while navigating your life experiences. All this to say: only you can determine how vulnerable you wish to be. Part of being a hero is taking some sort of risk, a leap of faith that exposes the heart and soul of who you are. The more authentic you can be in telling your story, the more impactful you are with your audience. Vulnerability has all kinds of positive impacts, including the possibility for self-transformation, healing past trauma, discovering your gifts, and shining a light on others in a profound way, inviting them to be vulnerable, too. If you are feeling TOO MUCH discomfort in sharing something that is vulnerable, you have the freedom to omit that portion from your story. Remember, you are the hero in this course. You get to choose how to shape your story into the most authentic version of who you are.

  • Is the course fee refundable?

    Registration for a class is nonrefundable. However, we know that sometimes circumstances arise. If you need to drop out of a class you have registered for, we can shift you to a different cohort group with dates that work better for your schedule. Or, you may transfer your registration to a friend! Cancellation must be made no later than two weeks after the kick-off date and reregistration must be to a session that begins within a year of cancellation. To cancel, please reach out to your instructor or to [email protected]