3 Hours of Story Support

ideal for would-be authors who:

  • are nervous about writing a book

  • want touches of one-on-one support

  • appreciate being gently challenged

Story Support

guidance when you need it most

  • Phone/Zoom Calls

    Need help zeroing in ion the story that wants to be told? Looking for confirmation you're heading in the right direction before moving on? Wanting help seeing what is most beautiful and brilliant about your story?

  • Feedback

    As you are learning to put a frame around the expansiveness of your life and to find and express your voice, your support coach will be there to lean on and to encourage you to mine for authenticity and depth.

  • Editing

    Send your story draft to your support coach for help with trimming it down to its most impactful essence that hits all your most beautiful notes, as you build your story and prepare for presentation week.

The Power of Gentle Encouragement

Overcoming the fear of a blank page

Sitting down to write your book when there is nothing on the screen can be unavoidably terrifying. You’re setting out into unmapped territory, attempting to build something in a void. And while our book writing course will provide the guidance and the pathways for you to follow, it’s this fear of beginning that keeps many of us from realizing the story that most wants to be told. Ask any storyteller and they’ll tell you: no matter how successful they have been in the past, they're afraid of putting the first word on a new page.

So here’s your solution: a story coach. Story coaches are teachers and guides who don't pretend to know more about your story than you do. Instead, their role is to listen for your storytelling brilliance.

Sometimes your story coach is a reflective listener, echoing back what they think you’ve said because that transition from brain to world can be tricky, and ideas can get lost in the process. 

At other times, your story coach might be an analytical listener, noticing things that you might have overlooked, gems that needed to be brought to your attention for you to see how amazing they are. They can connect disparate ideas, catch running themes, or notice you’re approaching a dead end in time to turn around.

And sometimes your coach might not  do anything but listen. Because something amazing can happen when you talk to an attentive listener. Like magic, you can make startling new discoveries, find the thread that's been trying to get your attention, or connect the dots that demonstrate the ways your path has been set before you like breadcrumbs. 

*adapted from the writing of  RTC story coach, Alison Hennessee

Your Call to Adventure

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