5 Hours of Story Coaching

ideal for participants who:

  • do best with one-on-one support

  • have high standards for their work

  • intend to use use their story out in the world

  • want to capture their story brilliance

Story Coaching

personalized attention from an expert

  • Phone/Zoom Calls

    Use phone and zoom calls to talk through the challenges that arise week-to-week in the course. From the journaling prompts to assembling your final story, you'll have an expert in your corner.

  • Feedback

    As you are learning to put a frame around the expansiveness of your life and to find your voice, your coach will work with you, to identify your story brilliance and encourage you to mine for depth.

  • Editing

    Send your story drafts back and forth with your coach, who will help you determine what to keep, what to remove, and what to expand upon, as you build your story and prepare for presentation week.

God is in the Details

Vulnerability is hard. But it's also memorable.

A great story takes the audience on a journey. It has a clear beginning, middle, and end. The “before” version of you was met with a challenge that forced you to learn, grow, and ultimately do something differently (the beginning). You made a decision you never would have made before (the middle). Sometimes you succeeded. Other times you failed. Either way, you walked away with a lesson. You survived a challenge and emerged as a more powerful version of yourself (the end).

Your task is to unpack some of these moments — something few of us have taken the time to do — and practice relaying them in a compelling and authentic way.

As the saying goes, “God is in the details.” When you share your story with others, you’re trusting your audience with a handful of unique details about your life and identity in a way that  displays the fullness of your character. 

Vulnerable authenticity tells your audience that you're not trying to pretend everything is always awesome (a false reality and untruthful in the long run). And that means that anybody who decides to interact with you after hearing your story, won’t have to show up as one-dimensional, either. Suddenly, your audience can relax because they are talking to a human being and not the caricature of one. A successful story is a memorable one. Vulnerability is memorable.

*adapted from the Harvard Business Review article, The Best Candidates are the Best Storytellers, by writing of  RTC Story Coach, Kelsey Schurer

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